Milkhouse Rewards

Earning Points

Points are awarded to registered accounts only, but don’t worry we give you points just for signing up. These points are redeemable for coupon codes that are applied to your order at checkout. These coupons are valid for a one-time purchase.

500 Points for Creating an Account
50 Points for Liking us on Facebook 
50 Points for Following on Instagram 
100 Points for sharing our website on Facebook
5 Points for every $1 spent
500 Points when you refer a friend

How to Refer a Friend

When you share your referral code with a friend they will be asked to register for the program. Once they register they'll get a $10 coupon they can use at checkout. As soon as they make a purchase you will be awarded your referral points.

Earn 500 Points when your friend makes their first purchase. 

Spending Points 

Now that you've earned some points, let's spend them! Trade your points for coupons. 

$5 Coupon for 500 Points
$10 Coupon for 1,000 Points
$25 Coupon for 2,500 Points

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to join? 
Nope. We built this loyalty program as a thank you for shopping with us. We would never ask you to pay for it!

Do my reward Points expire? 
Nope! Keep earning those points, we won't take them away from you. As long as we have a loyalty program, you'll have your points!

How do I check my Points balance?
A "Rewards Program" tab will appear in the bottom right corner of our website. Click the tab to see your points balance, as well as to see opportunities to redeem points  and earn more points. 

How do I sign up? 
Simply create an account, and start earning points. Remember, You'll get 500 points just for signing up!